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Unidentified Islamic Coin?

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Paul B4:
2.91g, 14.9mm
There are many coins of Jannaeus with stars.  I cannot identify the other design. Does not look like a cornucopia or double.
Thank you for helping.

I don't think this is a Judaean coin.  Looks like it is Islamic. 


Paul B4:
Thank you, SC.
I have no references on Islamic coins.  Can you point me to something?

It is unfortunately an extremely wide area of numismatics.

Your best bet might be to change the title to something like Unidentified Islamic Coin or repost under the Islamic coins section.


Paul B4:
2.91g, 14.9mm, AE
Sold as a coin of Herod the Great, but probably Islamic.
Hope you can help ID this coin.


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