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Coin backgrounds - black, white, or? What do you prefer and why?

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Ron C2:
It seems the most popular gallery backgrounds are black or white, though some other choices are also evident.  Which do you prefer, and why?

Personally, I prefer a white background as I find it best focuses the eye on the coin itself and has the added benefit of looking great in forum posts where the background of the photo merges into the post windows. 

Would love to hear of your preferences and why you have them! Also, post a nice example of how your typically present a coin when you respond :)

Obligatory white-background photo:

Joe Sermarini:
Gold and silver look good on black. But bronze on black is not so good. That is why I chose white for FORVM.

Virgil H:
White for me all day long. No contest.


Ron C2:
Virgil - pics or it never happened - lol.

Virgil H:
LOL, I use white as a background for any "product" I photograph. I sell stuff on ebay a bit (not coins) and I just find white to be neutral and most things look better and stand out more with a white background (unless they are really light colored). I also think it may be easier to light items on a white background versus black. I would provide evidence, but my coin photographs suck no matter the background. LOL.



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