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Latin Tetarteron


Interesting coin, I am now only missing one of the Latin tetartera.

In Julian Bakers new book he leaves them out, presenting them as Bulgarian imitations, the other coins I do not agree but maybe this one. SBCV-2060 . Not a crude design but it looks different in style from my other examples. It is a hard coin to find and I bought this at auction as an unknown.


Size 17mm

Weight 1.5gm

"Coinage and Money in Medieval Greece 1200-1430" 2 vols, by Julian Baker.

Sounds interesting, but this is certainly not cheap, and Italo Vecchi seems to have had a delivery problem with Amazon.

Ross G.


This book is right up your alley Ross or anybody interested in that time period. I bought the two volume set from Brill but I checked for coupons first. I got it considerable cheaper, I think 25% off.

The book is two volumes and thick and heavy. I do have a problem digesting all that he says, his work is based very heavy off of the influence of D. M. Metcalf; To such a way I find the bias to DM Metcalfs observations that he accepts as fact without explanation a bit annoying. However, I do recommend the book, like all good works it makes you think.



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