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Hartwig (Santamaria 1910) Plates

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Steve Moulding:

--- Quote from: Enodia on November 27, 2021, 12:31:15 am ---Well I  will certainly be checking out anything else you post on the subject. Maybe I will even find further provenance for my own Taras collection!

--- End quote ---

Further provenance would be very cool! You have a great collection. Love reading your detailed notes; they're very helpful.

--- Quote from: Enodia on November 27, 2021, 12:31:15 am ---
Not to put too fine a point on it, but I believe the illustrated coin is 736 and not 37 or 38. 738 doesn't have the GY, and I don't think 737 does either, although the Vlasto plate coin is off-center so I can't be absolutely certain.

Looking forward to your future posts.

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Thanks for the clarification Peter, and thank you!


Was posting this as Kevin was posting re: 738. (sorry Kevin! and thank you).

Steve Moulding:
There is a Nomos (Obolos) lot that claims to be from the same dies as Vlasto 737 (I can't verify though) and on that one the GY is visible.


Kevin D:

The Vlasto 737 coin is in poor condition, and I am unable to confirm or deny the die match.

I see that at least one major auction house is listing coins of this type, without DI, as Vlasto 736-738.

Ravel makes no mention of this type without GY.

Unless coins of this type (with or without DI) can be found that clearly have no GY, I will assume that they all have GY.

Steve Moulding:
Got it. Thank you Kevin!


Steve Moulding:
Meepzorp, Kevin D, Enodia and board.

An update on the Hartwig/Bement Tarentine elephant. I now know where it went and where it is now.
Today I was continuing my journey through the online catalog of the superb Lloyd collection, now residing at the British Museum. And there it was!

So, now we know this elephant is

Hartwig, Santamaria (1908), 121
Bement, Naville VI (1924), 100
SNG Lloyd, 205
British Museum 1946,0101.205

This also resolves the weight difference issue - the reason I brought up this coin in the first place.

6.29g Bement (considered likely by the board)
7.25g Hartwig (considered unlikely by the board)

As Lloyd/British Museum reports 6.30g, we have independent confirmation and conclude it was indeed a Santamaria typo.


[image shows - from top to bottom - Hartwig (Santamaria), Bement (Naville), and LLoyd (British Museum)]


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