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Faustina II denarius with Phoenix



I would like to share an interesting denarius of Faustina II with Phoenix. I always wanted a coin with Phoenix so I am very happy with this very scarce type. There are only few coins of this type out there. May be only several in internet, including one in BM.  On contrast, a similar type of Faustina I with Phoenix is very common. There are hundreds of Faustina Senior' denarii with Phoenix on internet.

This coin is also featured in my new video about erroneous items in hands of roman divinities (though this coin is only rare and beautiful).

Ob. DIVA FAVSTINA PIA -  Bust of Diva Faustina II, hair waved and fastened in a bun on back of head, draped, right
Rev.  AETERNITAS - Aeternitas, draped, standing left, holding globe surmounted by Phoenix in extended right hand and leaning on column at left
RIC 740 (Marcus Aurelius)

2,85 g - 18mm - 6h

thank you for your time.



Hi timka,

Nice coin! :)


Very good view too!


Meepzorp and Shawn, thank you for your posts!

Yes, the coin is nice, it looks much better in reality...Unfortunately, the camera on my phone failed me, - the pics look terrible.


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