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Crispus OTD

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Rare Crispus OTD

IVL CRISPVS NOB CAES, laureate bust, draped and cuirassed left holding spear forewards and shield with Medusa head
R/ BEATA TRAN-QVILLITAS, Globe set on Altar inscribed VO/TIS/XX, above 3 stars, •STR crescent in exergue - Trier - 323
18 mm - 2.91 g - RIC. - – RMBT 199 (SH 11)
here in my gallery:

Very nice coin, but are you sure that's Medusa on the shield ?

It seems like two separate objects - the larger thing to the left with the triangular bottom, and the smaller round thing slightly below it to the right, surrounded by three pellets.

Pekka K:

This coin is listed as one of three in here:

Pekka K

All three seem to be from same obverse die. Here's the shield detail on the CGB coin.

Compare to an expected Medusa depiction on coin below (mine).

Lech Stępniewski:

--- Quote from: Heliodromus on November 18, 2021, 08:39:46 am ---the shield detail

--- End quote ---

This detail resembles trophy but probably it is not a trophy. Especially globule-like object and dots around seem mysterious.


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