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Some new online resources I'm building

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Hi everyone,

This is Steve Moulding. This is my first post, but I've been a quiet board reader and user of the excellent resources here for quite some time.

I want to let folks know about a couple of online projects I've been working on in my spare time for the past few years. This is not my day job, and very much a long-term labor of love. My website is

The first project is an online database of historical numismatic auctions. I have entries for over 4000 sales covering 167 houses in 16 countries. There are some summary details for each sale and for many - but especially for those with Ancient coins - I try to provide links to any online versions of the auction catalog that I know of. I also list whether the catalogs (real or scans) are in my library...useful mainly for me, but also helpful if someone is looking for a particular lot description or image - always happy to help, if I can.
As an example, the auctions of Ars Classica - Naville & Cie (1921-1938) can be found here:

The second project has seen much more recent progress, but has been a long term goal of mine for many years. For the Ancient Greek coins of Italy and Sicily I'm building a searchable resource using coins from older sales. The goal is to help uncover - or just to see - provenances. I have just over 3000 lots entered so far...only the beginning but it's already fun to browse these older lots and play around. Filtering is currently by Region, Issuer, Weight, and Metal, but I'll probably add more filters later. This resource can be found at

Well, these are very much works in progress but I hope somebody will find them useful as they currently stand.


What an amazing stealth project!

I can see a lot of old catalog browsing coming up ...  :)

It'd be great if it was possible to filter the auctions by keywords, and availability of an online catalog, as well as by country and date (e.g. search for all auctions with online catalog matching keyword(s) "roman").


Thanks Ben!  :)

Great suggestions, shouldn't be too hard to implement. There are some amazing old sales that are now online thanks to Heidelberg, Gallica, NNP and others. I'm still finding them and adding the links. Enjoy browsing!


Hi all, over at my rnumis website I've implemented one of Heliodromus/Ben's suggestions. In the Numismatic Auction Database you can now filter to show only those sales that also have links to catalogs available online, eg at, Gallica/BNF, or Heidelberg.

I'm actively populating links as I find them and there are still more to be done, but there are already 1300 catalog links. This should be a fast way to get at the catalog for many of the older (and some newer) auctions.

You can find the database at


Kevin D:
Your website works very well for quickly identifying catalogs that are online and getting to their download locations. Good suggestion by Ben to have an 'online only' filter.

Today, I was able to find a Merzbacher catalog I didn't have, which is on Spring's most important Greek auctions list. Nice.


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