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Seal of Baanes 6th Century? Armenian Name? 22.79 mm 14.23 g


I just received an interesting seal.  It measures 22.79 mm and weighs 14.23 g. 

On the obverse is a cruciform monogram   within an ornamental ring. Θεοτόκε βοήθι.

On the reverse is a cruciform monogram  :A3:   :Greek_Beta: :Greek_Nu:  :Greek_Omicron: :Greek_Upsilon_2: within an ornamental ring. 

I believe that it solves as Θεοτόκε βοήθι. Βαάνου = Theotokos, help. (Seal of) Baanes and dates to the late 6th century.  I think Baanes is an Armenian name.  Is my attribution correct?

The Dumbarton Oaks Collection has a seal with a similar monogram.  BZS.1947.2.1752  The curators wrote "In his unpublished catalogue of the seals of the Shaw collection, Laurent prefers Ἰωβιανοῦ (Iobianos), although the Ω is not present, as he claims that this is too early for the appearance of the name Baanes. However, that seems unlikely, and indeed, there is no reason that the Armenian name Baanes could not be read in the seventh century, or perhaps even in the late sixth, as other seals in our collection attest. "


Yes, that monogram reads Baanou. Seal is hard to date precisely, could be late 6th, but also 7th. The name is Greek form of Armenian Vahan.


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