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Large hoard of denarii found in Augsburg (Augusta Vindelicum)

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The hoard was found in an official excavation, indeed, however, on a private property. Thus, under German law, 50 % would belong to the property owners However, the owners decided to donate their share to the public. Thus, the hoard will stay united and will be shown in Augsburg's Roman Museum in December and January (I figure before restauration).

Please note, however, that Augsburg's temporary Roman museum (the former museum was of considerable size in a former Dominican monastery church) is currently housed in the city's "Zeughaus" with extremely limited space. This - indeed depressing - situation of archeological presentation of Raetia's capital city's discoveries (and there are quite some a amazing things, i.a. a hoard of 52 beautifully preserved aurei)  has been going on for years, now. At this point, there is not even a plan when and where to re-open the old museum or to create an adequate new one.

If you are interested in Augsburg's archeology, you may find some information at -  a private organization supporting the museum and archeological publications concerning Augsburg, etc.


--- Quote from: Thilo on October 21, 2021, 06:07:34 am ---... Thus, under German law, 50 % would belong to the property owners ...
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As far as I know this is the situation in Bavaria only (Augsburg is situated in Bavaria), in all other parts of Germany a hoard becomes property of the state, with variations depending on the Bundesland (somehow corresponding to the states in the US).

In this sense Germany is more Turkey than UK :-\.




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