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New (old) coin cabinet

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My recent acquisition. 

The surface was scratched, and damaged with some sort of plastery stuff stuck to parts, but I was able to clean it up and do some basic retouching.  Still a bit of polishing to do.

Not sure how old it is.  Maybe 1950s-60s.  The wood looks like walnut to me, at least the drawer frames.

I have used it for the start of my sestertius collection - Domitian to mid-way through Hadrian - with other items in the double height bottom drawer - though I may try to get coin trays to fit it one day.


A work of art!

That's a nice piece.  A light touch on cleaning may be best.  Furniture acquires patina,  too!

Virgil H:
Oh my, that is beautiful. Please don't make it too shiny. LOL. Seriously, looks like you have done a great job with it.


If you look at the top image you can see a whitish sheen across parts of the front.  Unfortunately, this is not a reflection of light, it is a white stain in the grain of the wood.  There was a strange plaster, with a white mesh incorporated, stuck to parts of the cabinet.  Not sure if it was a construction product, but it looked a lot like a cast for a broken bone.  Anyway, I had to scrape that off with a sharp paint scraper and then go over it with 200 grade sandpaper.  I am working with high quality furniture polish to try to get it out bit by bit.



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