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Byzantine Lead Seal The Annunciation 39.740g, 38.3x28.2mm

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Joe Sermarini:
Byzantine Lead Seal The Annunciation 39.740g, 38.3x28.2mm

The Annunciation: the Virgin standing facing on the right, nimbate and raising her right hand with the palm turned outwards; the angel Gabriel on the left, nimbate, advancing towards the Virgin, raising his right hand, wand in his left hand. Possibly with the inscription XAIPE KAIXAPITWMNH O KC META (Greetings, you who are highly favored! the Lord is with you)

Reverse: Inscription in seven lines.

There are a few seals depicting The Annunciation on Coin Archives. They are dated to the 12th Century.  Does anyone know another example of this seal with legible inscriptions? Is it 12th Century? Anyone know a reference for it. Thanks!

Hi Joe,
Yes, I think it's circa 12th century. Unfortunately, the reverse offers very little to fully attribute it. I think I read 'skepois' on the last line (may you protect) but there are hundreds of seal legends ending that way. I did check a couple of Annunciation seals, which are rare, but no evident matches.

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Gert.

I’m an interested buyer—when do you expect to list it?

Joe Sermarini:
I just added it to the shop - $300.


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