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2020 Member of the Year - Mark Fox (Mark Fox)

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Justin W:
Thanks for all you guys do. Congratulations!!!

Virgil H:
Congrats to you both. I have been helped by you both multiple times, as well as others on this board who share their amazing knowledge freely. This makes such a difference in enjoying this hobby as otherwise I would often be banging my head against a wall in frustration.


Hail Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus Otlichnik  AND Hail Tribunus Plebis 2020 Mark Fox   +++

Mark Fox:
Hello again everyone!

I still do not know how to express myself adequately.  Before all of that, though, I want to sincerely thank Shawn for selflessly sharing his polymathic knowledge of both numismatics and artifacts through FAC.  You may not fully realize it, Shawn, but an important place for discussion like Forvm really needs someone with your expertise on small portable artifacts/antiquities.  It feels like there are far fewer in that field than numismatics, which is understandable, but a shame nonetheless, because the amount of antiquities posted here for identification is not too far from unattributed coins!                  

I feel like I am a contradictory individual.  I say, for instance, that I am not a "clubby person," and that I like to keep to myself, but here I am, in addition to being a member of several numismatic organizations (granted the moves all have interesting backstories).  I suppose when I make up my mind about something, I stick to it.  That is why I have come to consider Forvm as containing a huge chunk of my extended numismatic family.  You know who you are!  As such, I will try to continue to do what others apparently feel I am good at.  Maybe there will be some surprises, too.  We'll see.  It depends on the farming season and the health of my siblings and the rest of the family this year.    

Thank you...thank you...thank you...!  I really did not think this would happen.


Mark Fox


--- Quote from: Sam on February 02, 2021, 12:49:43 pm ---Hail Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus Otlichnik  AND Hail Tribunus Plebis 2020 Mark Fox   +++

--- End quote ---

I couldn't have said it better... Worthy candidates, all, and congrats to the two winners.


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