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Business Cards -- Bad Jobs, Good Numismatic Tools!

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I can't believe I was so dense not to realize that obsolete business cards -- of which I have about 2 zillion from the past 30 years -- make excellent placeholders and index points in 2 x 2 flip storage boxes.  They fit perfectly.  Some of my oldest were  on Crane's paper.

Now I am obsessed with finding numismatic uses for the embossed jetsam of my career!


I use them all the time to mark my place in the box when pulling out 2x2 envelopes to look at coins.


Joe Sermarini:

I prefer to use heavy lumber, rather than old business cards, in my coin boxes. Yes, the good old 2"x4" does the trick.  ;)

Plug those empty spaces in your coin box with 2"x2" wood spacers. Split a 2x4 on a borrowed table saw, or you can find 2"x2" lumber at your hardware store.  Just as 2x4 lumber isn't actually two inches by four inches (really!), you'll have wood that's about 1.5" by 1.5". Still, that fits your coin box nicely. 

I always end up with scrap lumber, so I clean it up and trim to various lengths. The ones that are 2" long fit especially well.  :laugh:

Very practical - I like it!

I've got to change how I store my coins having outgrown folders, and envelopes in boxes (maybe using a label printer for print sticky labels for the envelopes) does seem the way to go.

I'm thinking to maybe combine boxes as a long term storage solution with a nice small "mini cabinet" that can hold ~100 coins, so that I can rotate coins out for display when I like (maybe a mint at a time).



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