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Hristova-Hoeft-Jekov, Nikopolis Addenda #7

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A new type for Nikopolis

Pseudo-autonomous coinage, 1st-3rd century AD
AE 12, 0.64g, 0°
obv. Male figure standing facing, placing his hands on his chest
rev. Crescent with 3 stars
ref. a) not in AMNG
      b) not in Hristova-Hoeft-Jekov (2018):
          No. 8(?).0.48. (for series) 
very rare, holed as usual
Leu Numismatik Web Auktion 12, May 2020

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A new "barbaric" imitation for Elagabal

Elagabal, AD 218-222
AE 16, 3.63g, 16.41mm, 210°
         Bust, draped and cuirassed laureate, r.
rev. NIKOPO -
* TWN (from upper right)
        unknown object (vase?, snake staff?)
ref. a) not in AMNG
        b) not in Hristova-Hoeft-Jekov (2018):
             rev. not listed
             obv. cf. No. 8(?).26(?).8.1
coll. Hoeft

The orientation of the rev. is actually unknown!

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Mr. Gospodin Jekov is preparing the new edition of "The Coinage of Nicopolis ad Istrum 2020" where all 178 here posted coins will be included. The book is now in print. The price will be €115.- + shipping.

Therefore this thread is now closed and I will open a new thread "Nicopolis Addenda #8", that will be an integral part of "The Coinage of Nicopolis ad Istrum 2020".

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