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Do you wax ?

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Dominic T:
Hello. I would like to take the pulse of different members about waxing our coins. I’m ambivalent on the question if I should proceed with my bronzes or not. Just not sure I really like the « wet look » and also wondering if I must do it for the conservation of these ancient treasures.  So what do you think, specially you, experienced collectors ? Thanks for your precious opinion.

Nope ... and I'm mad at the few coins that I've purchased that have been waxed (I'm not a fan of that fake look)

=> I like my coins the same way that I like my women woman => honest, beautiful and with zero makeup


I wax some bronze coins.  Only with Renn wax.

Sometimes it is to preserve poor patinas/surfaces.  Sometimes for the look.  It can also help keep out moisture - so as long as there is not already an issue within the coin metal itself it can help with preservation.

I find that Renn wax does not usually make coins look too shiny.  Not if used sparingly. 


Plenty of waxing discussion here ...

including the following gem ...

Dominic T:
Thanks for the link....🤣


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