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Constantine X Ducas, SBCV 1853

Bill R.

Thank you!
Greek Coins / Re: Maroneia Thrace Dionysos / Askepios Standing Question
« Last post by Altamura on Today at 04:12:21 am »
... I am 99% sure my coin is Schonert Geiss 1569. ...
The book by Edith Schönert-Geiss (ESG) is some sort of a die catalog, each coin cited corresponds to usually exactly one die combination. Are you sure that your coin was made from exactly the dies V 46 and R 53?
The number 1569 is part of the Berlin collection and can be seen here:

At least your coin (a photo really woud be helpful!) is part of the period X of ESG.

But ESG is meanwhile a bit outdated, a more recent monograph about the coinage of Maroneia is Selene Psoma, "The Coins from Maroneia and the Classical City at Molyvoti", Melethemata 62, Athens 2008. There this period X is redated to the "first century BC".
Some dealers already adapted their description of this coin type:
others did not.


Identification Help / Re: Greek AE - Help ID
« Last post by Curtis JJ on Yesterday at 10:22:26 pm »
I believe it is Macedon, Amphipolis, c. 187-168 BCE.
Here's an example from Triskeles Sale 26 in 2018 [LINK], their description (edited):
Macedonia, Amphipolis. Ca. 187-168/7 B.C. Æ (18 mm, 6.16 g, 12 h).
Draped bust of Artemis right; bow and quiver over shoulder
AMΦIΠOΛITΩN, bull leaping right.
SNG ANS 132-3; SNG Copenhagen 72-3; BMC 35.
Identification Help / Greek AE - Help ID
« Last post by young on Yesterday at 09:55:52 pm »
Hi friends

Help needed to ID this AR Greek coin, please?
20mm - 3/4 grs

Thank you for your help
Fake Coins and Notorious Fake Sellers / Re: Help with Silver Coin ID
« Last post by paps on Yesterday at 07:55:10 pm »
Just to add, the edge has been filed as well to hide the casting seam.  :-[
Identification Help / Re: Byzantine Irregular Coin Help to ID #1
« Last post by Abu Galyon on Yesterday at 07:34:27 pm »
Constantine X Ducas, SBCV 1853

Bill R.
Identification Help / Re: Byzantine Coin (Maybe Ancient Imitation?) Help
« Last post by SC on Yesterday at 04:55:27 pm »
Try searching around the Heraclius era - these coins were often over-struck or re-struck and can be a mess to interpret properly.

Other Metal Antiquities / Re: rrowhead or a tool?
« Last post by Virgil H on Yesterday at 01:25:51 pm »
One thing to note is that a stylus is not necessarily the same as a pen. For use with ink on papyrus, this item looks like it would not work well as it would have to be continually dipped. But for use on wax tablets or clay it might work well. Reeds were certainly used with ink, as well as other writing devices. I am not sure when quills became popular, but some sources say the ancients used them. Here is an interesting article from 1890 I found:

This is certainly an interesting item.

Identification Help / small silver Greek ID
« Last post by propraetoris79 on Yesterday at 01:01:31 pm »
Hello !

Please help to ID this coin if it possible. Coin is poor condition, but have a very strange and clear symbol on the reverse.
11 mm, 0.58 g.

For the New Ancient Coin Collector / Re: Advice on storage and display
« Last post by Norman F on Yesterday at 10:48:02 am »
Thank you Virgil, I really appreciate the time you have taken to show so clearly the way that you combine the coins with the information.

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