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translation of coinarchive page required

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can anyone translate,  or explain  what  this says,  I just stumbled across this coin while searching  for a different  one,  and it caught my attention

thanks in advance

Edited,  LOL  I guess the page would help

Hi Johnny!

Where is the stuff I should translate?

Sorry,  I had a blonde moment,  the link is in the first post

Here is my attempt:

1 1/2 solidi (3.96 gr.). Obvers test struck. Mint Aquileia?. Obv. IMP CONSTANTINVS PIVS F AVG, bust, cuirassed, draped, radiate, seen from behind. Rev. adherent die with pearl border and centration dimple. Obv: RIC: - (cf. RIC 33, but from ahead); handle broken off, nearby pressure points RR (very rare) EF+ It is a matter of an exceptional rare test struck; very likely struck as mint control. A comparable multiplum test struck (Göbl: 2677 A) makes use of the legend DN CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG. Both have been provided with handles in ancient times. Gorgeous multiplum portrait with deep rear view.

Note: There are some rare termini technici in this text. Abschlag = test struck, Festhaltestempel = adherent die. I hope I have found the correct translation for them!

Best regards

Thanks Jochen

Wow  an interesting piece .... now that I know what it says   ;D

Thanks again  for the translation

it is very much appreciated 



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