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Theotoke boethei


I'm having a piece of jewelry made for my initiation into the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.  It is a ring, and, like the Byzantine seal I wrote about in another thread, features a man-faced bull seal (which I'm having engraved with various Christian icons as my personal seal).  On either side of the ring I want two things--on one side, a Jerusalem cross, and on the other, the Theotoke boethei monogram.  My question is, does anyone have a clear, schematic picture of the monogram?  I found this attached one online but it is a bit too stylized.  And all the others I found are on actual seals, so I don't want my jeweler to have to extrapolate from those.  I do not have a large Byzantine library but my guess is such a clear, schematic image exists out there.  Any help greatly appreciated.


I suppose "Seals" might have been a better category!

Courtesy of Gert.

Simon sent one as well but with a squared-off central Theta. 

Thanks, guys, much appreciated.  I'll post developments as my jeweler makes progress.

Look forward to seeing it.



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