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Help ID ancient gold ring with carnelian stone


Hi everybody

Can you someone dated this ring - Greece, Roman or Byzantium?
What's mean of the symbols of the stone?
The metal of the ring is not check and I think that the gold is low carat, maybe 10.
Can you tell me someone what is the estimate value of the ring?
3.42 gr, 20/16 mm

Thank you
with best regards

I am not expert enough to tell about value or authenticity, but "Mouse on three-legged table" is known from Anit Hamburger's article on Gems From Caesarea Maritima, Atiqot English Series, Vol. VIII, 1968, #165.  Not much is said about the mythology or meaning of the symbols.  This is a very interesting piece.  I am guessing 1st-3rd century CE.  Regards, V-drome


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