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Francisco B:
Dear friends:
I bought this Gordianus III coin and I knew that it had to be a fake, since the leyend VIRTVS AVGG (plural) does not make sense in the coinage of Gordianus III.
I am carrying out analysis of Gordianus III coins from my collection by EDAX (Energy Dispersive Analysis X Ray) and I desired to compare results among authentical and fake coins. EDAX technique let to know the components and the composition near surface of coins. Now, I am surprised because I have found similar components and composition in authentical coins and in this fake. Mainly I find silver and copper and also the same impurities: Chlorine, Magnesium and Oxygen.
As example I am showing below two EDAX spectra: left (fake) and right (one authentical coin).
Antoniniani of Gordianus III are not very expensive nor rare. Thus, I do not understand this meticulous work of counterfeiting.

I will be grateful any comments

Kindest regards

Francisco Bellido

It might be made with ancient metal.



--- Quote ---Now, I am surprised because I have found similar components and composition in authentical coins and in this fake.
--- End quote ---

I think this shows that both coins are ancient. Ancient coins had a large number of impurities in them. Your "fake" might be a contemporary forgery or a die engravers mistake. RIC has quite a few "irregular" issues for Gordian, although not this particular one.

Francisco B:
I should be happy if this coin was the result of die engravers mistake. I do not know. I hope to have an opinion in the future, when I will get more data to compare compositions of several issues and Rome and Antiochia mints. Thank you very much for yours comments

Francisco Bellido 

I don't believe it is fake; you need to look for an explanation based on Gordian's time. Given that the two graphs are so similar, I would imagine that both planchets were prepared in the same mint, or at least from two mints using metal from the same source. Given that it looks official, I'd have thought an engraving error is most likely. The preceding reign was that of Pupienus and Balbinus, did they have any AVGG inscriptions?


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