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How to spot a forgery before you bid on it


rick fox:
Many of us are either new to collecting or don't know what to look for when buying a coin.
Frankly I have seen coins that I was sure were fakes only to be told they are real, and vice versa.

Can anyone give specific advice?

Joe Sermarini:
1.  Read this board everyday. 

2.  Look at the study images on the fake coin reports. 

3.  Buy some books.   FORVM sells a few on forgeries.

4.  If you are considering a bid, search the fake coin reports for the type.  If you see a match, don't bid. 

The only point I would add would be to familiarise yourself with the correct style of the coins you are interested in. This will not help you to spot fakes cast from original coins but will help you spotting those more modern creations. This can come through online resources and books but there really is no better way than studying coins in hand.


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