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Eftis is back! In China!

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Miguel Diaz:
Incredible but true!

Here is the link:

His new name is "heritage-museum".

People are giving him negs and then he's getting them withdrawn.

Well, I had to take a look!

I only saw 1 coin that I remember - a worn-out slug that he said was Khusru II!!??!!

His OTHER stuff -- well, they are attractive SOUVENIR pieces, I think!  I don't see too many bids.  If you can get some of that stuff for a few bucks, it's not a bad deal, I just DO NOT believe it is anywhere near as old as he claims.  I've seen this stuff for sale both online and in Asia.  I have also spent a lot of time at the National Palace Museum in Taipei - his stuff doesn't look anything like THOSE items! 

He'd do better to  sell the stuff as souvenirs and make an honest buck!  (NOT likely). I'm perfectly happy with repro statues, etc. because I CANNOT afford the real stuff and buy coins, too!

MANY MANY THANKS to all of you folks who spot these guys selling fake coins -- I have been "saved" on more than one occasion by checking them out on the Fake Sellers board!


Possibly he has only registered as being in China. batibaleno was registered as being in the UK but was in Bulgaria.

You may want to check this out as well. It is the same guy.

If he is in China perhaps we could denounce him as an "imperialist capitalist running dog lackey of the soviet revisionist renegade gangster clique". He might just mysteriously disappear.

I follow the Items from this seller for about 3 mounts.... its funny!! see the Illirian helmet.. He published almost 10 in this months!!  ;D


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