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Strange and rare Gela coin.

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Matias Felix:
Hi friends. I bought this coin in Barcelona yesterday, but I don't know anything about it. I thinks it's from Gela (Sicily), but I can't find any match. It's bronze, and about 27mm. Please help me.

Jay G:
I think this may be a cast

The 'bluriness' and lack of detail suggest to me that this is a cast fake, plus the fact the coin should be in silver and not bronze.
It imitates the tetradrachms of Gela.

Sorry  :-\


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In fact heres another cast example from ebay via a guy that sells nothing but crappy cast bronzes of silver ancients-and er its exactly the same photo as the one you've given :?

You *ahem* sure you brought that in Barcelona?

Cos its ending in 6 hours...

Matias Felix:
Many thanks! I see that I bought a cast copy... And you are right this is the same coin as the one in ebay!!! Many thanks anyway...

Matias Felix:
I bought this to a man in barcelona. I tavel almost every month to barcelona, and I buy lots of differents coins from all types, and some time I find some casts... Thanks!


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