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This coin purports to belong to a group that I know rather well.  The seller has good feedback, and I know nothing of him or her.  Apart from condition, combination of sandpaper and high-contrast photography, I do not trust a single one of the finer details of this coin or of its legends' style, or of the manner of representing Dikaiosyne.  I leave it to others to discuss it.  I must say, however, in principle: let's keep it ad rem (discussing the coin) rather than anything anyone may know about the seller (or feel that he or she knows), which would be ad hominem and inherently inconclusive.
I just wonder whether anyone else who collects in this area wants this coin.  If not, it's a warning that those who do not know know this area had better in the future not regard it as safer than any other.
Pat L.
Nota bene: I posted this in Coins For Sale, etc., because in fact it has just been listed, and for several other reasons, first among them some ethical considerations.  P.L.


To me the coin looks smoothed and a little tooled, but basically authentic.

What do you think?


Could it have been one of the 'crusties' , that was subjected to electrolysis [hence the black] and then rubbed down.


You see why I posted it in neutral territory?  Pat L.

It certainly is very ugly and I wouldn't bid on it.



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