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Thurium distater, fake or genuine?


This is a distater from Thurium someone put in a German forum. I was wondering wether it is genuine or fake, are there any opinions? I'm not a Greek expert at all, but I have my doubts about its authenticity... Even more when I do consider the fact that it was offered to this German forum member for 250 Euro instead of 800 by an unknown coin seller.

Ø 24 mm, 16.2 g.


OK, maybe I'm leaning out of the window way too far, but I think it's fake.

1. I don't like the granular surface structure on the cheek and helmet of Athena. A real ancient "craquelé" surface, which is a sign of authenticity, looks different.

2. I don't like the stylized look of the bull's tail, neck and head. And especially the fish in the exergue - maybe the last coin this guy had made before was from Phokaia? Bear in mind that the old Greeks didn't know the coelacanth ("Quastenflosser" in German)!

If I were offered this coin in a state when I could think clearly, I'd stay away.


PS: This one's from coinarchives, not from my collection unfortunately:


I agree with what rupert  said but, what I do not like most about the coin is the tone, to my eyes it does not look like ancient silver, it looks artificial. It is nowhere near as bad as some of the cheaper fakes but, still not quite right.

Clearly modern.

Barry Murphy

@ all

Thanks for your opinions, this is what I expected.



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