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Nero aureus -fake or not?Give your opinion.

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Dear all,

Here you see a Nero aureus. Do you think it's original or not? Please support your opinion with arguments.

Fake, modern dies, portrait is ski-wiff and Jupiter looks odd.

Knowing the mass of gold aureus coins is quite an accurate way to determine authenticity but not the sole way. Coin coin masses wander less than silver and bronze coins.

I would stay away.

Howard Cole:

Bust of Nero is pushed forward too much.  It should be more linear in a vertical position.  Also it should have a slightly more rounded appearance.

Reverse:  Headdress of Jupiter is wrong.  Jupiter is too compact.  The lettering on the left should be more spaced out to fill the area more.  On real specimens the R almost reaches the head of Jupiter.  Border should have distinct beads.

To see some real ones.

Federico M:
Fake. I agree with previous hopinions, but I would add that Nero coins are well known for being of the finest style and an aureus die is probably the most important one: if this was a genuine coin, this would be by far the worst die of a Nero aureus I ever saw (and I look in to see some more specimens...).


As others have said, the style of the images and the lettering give it away first, and then the flat fields and odd rims.



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