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Domitian and Domitia Provincial


The following coin just struck me as looking of a completely modern manufacture and I wanted to ask anyone to confirm or deny my suspicions.
Any help with the description, attribution etc. would be welcome if I am to add something meaningful to the Fake Boards.

Steve Minnoch:
The only coin with a rev legend like this one listed in the RPC index is from Caesarea by Anazarbus RPC 1749, an AE21. What size is the one above?

Presuming this is indeed the model:

The legends on this one seem to be blundered, note the missing C in CEBACTH (and the H looks like a retrograde N) The original also has a sigma in the modern capital form rather than C in KAICAPEON, and the O should be an omega.  Is that an R rather than a Rho there too?  

Some of the obv letters are also wrong, (should be a theta not a T after AVTO KAI) and ends CEP were it should be (gamma)EP.  PRC notes a variation of the spelling of Domitia, but no variation such as these.

Will attach a scan of the RPC plate coin shortly.


Steve Minnoch:

This examle is 7.8 gms and 23mm is size.
I will add this to the fake boards now.


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