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Dear Members of Forvm:

 The "Roman Imperial" section of the Fakes Board has been updated.

1) All coins are now listed in the following order:
    Ruler / Denomination / Reference number

2) All entries include the following:
    Obv. legend / Bust type / Rev. legend / Rev.   description / Reference number or multiple numbers

Any additional information is posted where possible, such as date struck, weight, diameter, and comments pertaining to why the coin appears in the section.

3) All entries include keywords in the following order:
    Ruler / Denomination / Rev. inscription

In many cases coins were posted with nothing more than "Augustus, Denarius".  That's fine, but a search for "Augustus, Denarius" gave you 30 coins to search through. If you are just browsing, you may have 4 different examples of 1 coin, and they were on 4 different pages. Also, if a scan is not clear, there is no real way to identify the coin. An obverse legend with "VIII" is going to be a different coin that one with "VI".
For those members whose eyesite is no longer 20/20, having an obverse legend, reverse legend, bust type, RIC number, etc... makes the Board a more productive tool. Proper ID also ensures that like-coins appear next to each other for comparison purposes.

The members said: "What is the reason a coin appears in the database? How do we KNOW it's fake?"

As of this writing there are 298 entries in the Roman Imperial Section. Here is a little statistical breakdown:

92   Coins are from Toronto Group sales. They have been well-discussed on the Boards. Joe stated:
--- Quote ---The edges are filed, the features blend into the fields, there are areas where the die did not fill completely, and realistic edge cracks are where they snapped off the sprue.  Nothing high tech.  Just ordinary cast copies.
--- End quote ---
If it says Toronto Group, it is fake.

57   Coins state they were sold as reproductions or copies. Right there is your answer.

22   Coins are from the seller Mommeron, and the reason they are posted is listed in the entries

54   Coins state another reason, such as "slavey copies", "wrong legends", "mis-matched obv. and rev."

35  Coins are courtesy of other collectors, whose pages give a small lecture on fakes and how to spot them, then show examples. It is not appropriate due to space restraints to list their lectures here. They specialize in certain emperors, and have collected these as fake coins. Any picture stating "Courtesy of" should be considered legitimately fake. Some also provide a more detailed explanation.

14  Coins are from the uncleaned hoax of 2003, and the reason is stated with the coin

24  Coins give no explanation for their being on the Board.  This is only 8% of the total. I can do nothing further with these coins. 8% is not too bad folks.

 As always, if you have any suggestions on how to further improve the useability or productivity of this site, please speak up. After all, this Board is a tool for all of us.
DO NOT keep from posting a coin because you do not have the time to give all the info the other entries have. Give what you can. It's better to have an example than not. I can always go back from time-to-time and update new entries. This project took 3 months. Maintenance will take a lot less.

Further updates will be listed here. The "Roman Republic" section will be finished next.

Respectfully Submitted

Great work Bluefish!
This adds great value to the resource. I have added a few comments to some of the coins that I had previously submiitted without clear justification, where die matches can be seen with other known fakes on the fake boards. Some of these coins are now quite interesting when placed side-by-side with the original fake as it is easier to see what the seller has done to change to coin to make it look more ancient. I have also followed you lead with a new submission (another example of the Licinius fantasy piece) and will attempt where possible to make future submisisons following in the high standards that you have set.

That'll do a lot to make the board more useful. I hope nobody will feel inhibited about posting coins to the fakes board when they're not sure; the threads can easily be deleted if the coin turns out to be genuine.

Joe Sermarini:
Excellent work - thanks BLUEFISH!

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work and energy Bluefish!



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