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Constans Fel Temp galley Rome

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I've got a Rome mint Constantius (pictured below) which you can compare for style. It was probably struck at about the same time as the Constans. I have to agree with Roscoedaisy, going by the picture, the "fake" Constans does not look like a fake to me, and "style" is all over the place with these coins.


Another Constantius II from WildWinds:

And another from CNG:

And one more from WildWinds showing the same wavy drapery neckline as the original coin under consideration:

       I am unable to understand how the first coin can be condemned as fake, if the CNG coin and the others shown above as comparisons are admitted to be authentic.
       The strange "tail" of the phoenix is in fact just the emperor's fingers, and the genuine coins seem to provide good parallels for the other questioned features, the drapery and cuirass flaps on obverse and Victory's rudder on reverse.
       Moreover style, sharpness, surfaces, flan falults of the coin in question all look authentic to me.
       I would urge Warren E. to reveal all of the features he finds suspicious.  We may learn something about engraver variation, and I am convinced he will not be tipping off any modern forger!
       I think the description of BenB's coin as having an edge fault from removed mount is incorrect.  That's a natural type of fault that I have seen numerous times.


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