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Duplicate Image - e-bay fake?

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I was a little curious about the surface, particularly some very small 'bubbling' on the cheek that didn't appear to be from any corrosion. Doesn't show up in the photo's. The dolphin behind the neck 'seemed' wrong. It also looked as though the edge had been cleaned up seemingly by hammering after the piece was made. All very vague really which is why I prefered to think the piece was probably ok.

Sometimes, having studied so many pieces, one gets a feeling that is not really quantifiable. However, beginner or experienced, we can all be fooled, even the most reputable dealers.

I have also emailed the seller of the item I purchased and suggested to him that he might want to check his supplier against that of biggyg2. The probability of the two pieces appearing simultaneously without having been released recently and by the same person seems rather long odds.

I hope adding this report to my original notification is the right procedure.

This same fake has just reappeared on e-bay via another dealer.

"Very interesting" as they say in the classics.

I am very worried by this. Members of the board consider these
dealers as good guys, reliable, experienced and taking care about their reputation. Seemingly, they are in the same chain of supply. The fact observed
in this thread means that someone produces fakes that looks at hand as
authentic coins for even those who examined thoroughly thousand and thousand coins.  By the way, there is a striking difference in appearence and metal of coins coming from old collections and of the modern supply. One can explain this  by different methods of cleaning, smoothing, polishing etc; but it is a fact. It seems that quite a larger percent of coins traded in the range 30-50$
are suspicious.

The last coin looks "authentic" (less treated to get "wear") and if it will not in the row I could be easily mistaken.  

Joe Sermarini:

None of these dealers is an ancient coin specialist known to me.  I would not expect a sometimes ancient coin eBay seller to know an ancient coin from a replica. No matter what their feedback is selling beenie bears and Lincoln pennies.  

This thread does not mean fakes look as good in hand.  Even when a fake does get by a dealer it does not mean it looks as good in hand.  Fakes can slip by because they just didn't look close enough everytime.  Stuff happens.  It does not mean the fake will fool anyone on close examination.    

This thread proves that it is very difficult to pedal many copies of a fake.  Fake sellers get caught.  The originator of this fake sold them to non-ancient coin specialist intentionally.  Now they know he or she is a bad source.  Will they buy more from the same source?  Maybe, but they will be worried and more careful.  How many times can this seller get away with this before he or she is finished?

Save the talk of metal and high percentages of suspicious coins for CFDL.

Joe Sermarini:
There are a lot of fakes on eBay.  Buyer beware on eBay.  But this board is on FORVM ANCIENT COINS.  If you buy from FORVM, we guarantee authenticity.  If you want to talk about fakes and use the words "very worrying" or "large-scale distribution" I suggest you buy from FORVM and put your post on CDFL.  

The world is full of fakes, the sky is falling, posts will be deleted.  (This post refers to a post that was deleted.)


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