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Jerome Holderman:
It think Joes point is just that he does not want to see posts , that make it sound as though the entire ancient coin market is so flooded with fakes that every purchase should be suspect. And if you do feel that way then your best option is to buy all your coins from a reliable dealer who will stand behind them, and nobody does this better than Forvm.

Joe Sermarini:
jdholds has it right.  

We have had silly posts that said things such as "10% of ancient coins are fakes," for example.  Of course these posts were wrong and pure speculation by people without expertise.  I will never delete a post I believe is accurate.  But I will not allow misleading inaccurate posts to remain on the board.  

This board exists at least in part to help FORVM sell more ancient coins.  It is intended to bring new people to the hobby and increase the interest of existing collectors.  If you believed 10% of the coins in your collection were fake, would you continue to collect?  I will not allow inaccurate posts by inexperienced people that scare collectors away from the hobby.  

I should hope not! I think the proportion of fakes on eBay is a good clue; its notoriously wide open to fraud, but would any level-headed person estimate the percentage of fakes as more than 5%? Personally I think its less than that.

Joe Sermarini:
If you take out the Toronto group IDs and private auctions, it would almost certainly be less than 1% fakes even on eBay.    

Not only that, but a very large proportion of the fakes are being sold innocently by people with little or no knowledge of ancients. Its definitely a problem on eBay, but not a massive one. So how can it be a major problem with respectable dealers?


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