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Republican denarius sold e-bay 30 Sep 04 by imperatorial in US appears to be re-offered by biggyg2 in the UK.

I bought the earlier piece and have studies my scans of it against both sales images and they appear to be identical pieces as far as dies, striking position, wear and individual markings such as the scratching at 8.00 on the obverse and the bump effect at 12.00 on the reverse. Rather improbable on a republican piece - like snowflakes and fingerprints.

Would be interested to hear others opinions.

Yes indeed, no two genuine ancient coins can be identical with each other in the way these are.  
At least one of them, probably both, must unfortunately be fakes!

Both coins are shown here:

The  auction is ended in urgence- its seems that  both coins are fakes, indeed. By the way, the bidding history for the first one was not very exciting: the bidders were

Many thanks for the responses on this. I was not suspicious of the photo for the first auction but was a little when I received the piece. I have been collecting for a long time and have spotted fakes before. I would have treated it as paranoia if the second photo hadn't turned up so fortuitously. I should have added in description that the obverse scratch at 8.00 and reverse bump at 12.00 are at corresponding sides of the flan. I think that, along with the improbability of two pieces turning up at the same time, rules out an ancient forgery. This coin is younger than I am!

I forwarded a notice to biggyg2 who replied that he had withdrawn the second item and was returning it to his supplier for refund.

One expects to see valuable items being forged, or even general pieces in excellent condition, but it is a big problem for average collectors if lower grade items are being put about.

I am intending to keep the piece rather than return it for refund. It has been a valuable yet cheap experience.


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