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Hadrian Nilus denarius - Legit?


William J Bligh:
Hey all! This coin is available from a dealer I've dealt with many times before and always been very pleased with their stuff. I can't quite get past this particular coin though, it just looks off. The toning, the tiny surface irregularities, the looks cast. What do you think? I'm going to send them an email , but wanted a confirmation from someone else first before I cry 'wolf!'. Here's the picture


--- Quote ---before I cry 'wolf!'
--- End quote ---

Here I am!! I completely see what you mean... the coin looks 'soft', especially the reverse, and not just from wear. This looks cast to me, and the toning looks artificial.


Casting pits?  Portrait isn't bad but don't like the reverse.  Here is a real one.

   It's not a coin I feel I can definitely condemn from the image, unless you can show me an exact duplicate from another source!
   When you have the coin in hand, it might turn out to be a cast, or it might appear perfectly genuine!

Based on the photo, I'd say cast.

Barry Murphy


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