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Fake Athens tetradrachm?

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Marcelo A:
Good evening everyone, a friend of mine purchased this coin and asked for assistance in classifying it. Right off the bat, I didn't like the style and especially the surface below the nose. The weight and diameter are good, 17.01g and 24mm, respectively, but the style and surface do not satisfy me. In my opinion, the coin doesn't seem good.

Got your email and now see you posted it.

I'm indifferent with it. It might be legit, but an eastern mint version. But I have never seen one with an owl that "plump" before.

Maybe some others can chime in.

Curtis JJ:
Forgery -- see the virtually identical example in the Fake Reports here:

The "dies" are the same, but the surfaces/metal on this one look slightly better.

That's the only report I saw but from what helvetica wrote (c. 2016), it sounds like there may be a lot more of them out there.

That's what threw me, the metal looked more ancient.

Joe Sermarini:
Fake coin report please.


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