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Fake Prague Groschen about to Sell?


Luke E:
What I strongly believe is a modern fake Prague Groschen is currently up for sale at auction, starting tomorrow, on the 22nd, at 9:30 a.m., I believe Central European Time. This Wenceslaus (Václav) II Prague Groschen looked a bit off to me from the beginning. Upon closer inspection, you can see what appear to be casting bubbles all around, particularly on the lower half of the reverse and especially on the 'A' of Pragenses. You can see some letters, such as the 'P' in Pragenses and the 'O' in Grossi strangely blending into the field. You will also notice strong blending on the inner rim, just to the left of the lion's paw. Finally, on the 'O' of Grossi, you will notice it is cut off. Where it is cut off, you will notice that the rim is bent upwards. This is not the case with normal Prague Groschen that weren't removed from casings. I contacted the auction house several days ago, but they have not replied to me or removed the lot. I also contacted numisbids this morning, but while they thanked me and agreed that the evidence I presented was concerning, it looks like they are just going to forward the message to the auction house.

Luke E:
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Luke E:
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Joe Sermarini:
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