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Bubbles in C. Memmi C.F. Coin


David J5:

I recently came across a coin, purchased by a good friend of mine from a reputable dealer, that is a Denarius from C. Memmi C.F.

The coin looked quite authentic to me initially (however I can't say I have any experience at identifying fakes) however I noticed a couple large bubbles(?) on the obverse of the coin above the head (I am not referring to the modern pierce through the coin) which made me question its authenticity.

I was wondering if such features can appear on authentic coins, or if it is a clear sign that this coin is a fake, and any coin that I can come across in the future bearing such marks should raise red flags.

The dimensions of the coin were not provided, however the weight of the coin is 3.88g.

Any help provided will be much appreciated.

Thank you,


Joe Sermarini:
It looks ancient, however, if it is silver plated (can you seen bronze in the hole or elsewhere?) it may be a silver plated fourree, an ancient counterfeit. 


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