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All of her coins look bad

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Jay GT4:
Come on guys:

"Dear collector,
if you are a fan of old coins, I strongly advise you to buy it, as it is really a wonderful masterpiece" ;D

The best part is that they have not even been given their post-casting acid-wash, they still have blackened parts from the casting process.

Stright from the sand-casting process to fleabay........


Joe Sermarini:
aielas19 added to the NFSL.

She's got some lovely jewellery though, even if they are not as authentic as she writes, I'm waiting for her to include a ring or necklace with an owl...
However, for the rings etc from all ages (she cites Viking, Greek, Roman, Victorian etc) with an "inscription" (some examples have SPQR, LEG, etc.) the "inscriptions" were all made with the same tool which leaves small jagged edges at the sides of the letters.  ::)


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