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whats real and whats not

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many people here on the forum have said that the seller Rromanseller on ebay combines forgeries and geniune coins and artifacts in his lots. i am confuse what is real and what is not. most of his coins i saw were shiny as if stripped from overcleaning and porous, and others had near perfect centering.

is this for example real ?

is there anything in his current lots that is fake

regards levon

Keep in mind that this seller is a known source of fakes. I just avoid him.


yes, i agree with you however

i still have a little argument inside me, it is a gamble with 50-50 chances, and the rewards seem decent, but i suppose safe is better than sorry with this guy

regards levon

William J Bligh:
A majority of those sestertii, if not all of them , are fake. All the ones I looked at of Nero , the style was all wrong. They all scream fake, especially the Port of Ostia one.

They don't look right at all.


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