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Pescennius Niger, legend variation,

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I find this coin in my collection the interesting legend variation on both sides:

Pescennius Niger (193-194 A.D.), RIC IV-I 064var., Antioch, AR-Denarius, MONETAE AVG, Moneta standing left, Very Rare! #1
avers: IMP CAES C PESC NIGER IVSTI (Legend variation!), Laureate, head right.
reverse: MONETAE AVG, Moneta standing left, holding scales and cornucopiae.
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 17,0-19,5mm, weight:2,39g, axis:6h,
mint: Antioch, date: 193-194 A.D., ref: RIC IV-I 064var.,


 Joe /Q.

Nice coin and interesting. Search out Ted Buttrey's paper The Denarii of Pescennius Niger, his presidential address paper in Numismatic Chronicle 1992. It should be on JSTOR. He surveys the wide variety of Niger's dies and concludes that the survival rate per die is less than two coins on average. Given the number of Niger denarii that we see on the market, although they are rare and from an ephemeral emperor, it gives you an idea of the potential number of die combinations.



Thank you, Mauseus   +++

I will look at Ted Buttrey's paper...


 Joe /Q.

Hi Joe,

The reverse of your coin looks very similar to a coin of mine which I added to the unlisted and unpublished coins gallery more than ten years ago.

At the time I did correspond with Ted Buttrey about it and his response was much the same as Mauseus posted.

I sold the coin many years ago and so, no longer having the coin, unfortunately it is not possible for me to update the photo. I might have consigned it to FORVM (but I don't remember) and I cannot bring up my FORVM consignment history for so long ago.


Hi, Alex,

 The two coins (pictures) are very similar and I may have bought your coin last year at a German auction...

  Sweet... ;) :) +++ ;D

  Thanks for the information




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