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Philippus I - Antoninian Annona inscription / Aequitas type

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I hope not be struck with blindness - but I just cannot find something similar

Philip I., Antoninianus, Rome mint:
IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG / ANNONA AVGG Aequitas (sic) holding scales and cornucopiae

A wild mixture of inscription (RIC 28b) and depiction (RIC 27b). Probably the die cutter had a bad day

Perhaps someone in the community knows more - thanks


Curtis JJ:
Wow, that is interesting! I've got a few Philip Annona Ants, and a few Aequitas, but never seen them combined like that before. To be honest, I might've just looked right past the discrepancy and never noticed anything unusual.

I agree, this coin are interesting…👍

Nice find. 👍👍


I have studied and collected Philip's Roman coinage for over twenty years, but have never seen or heard of this particular type-legend mix-up before.

Not that it is surprising or teaches us anything new: Mattingly long ago realized that Philip's AEQVITAS AVGG and ANNONA AVGG types must belong to the same issue (RIC p. 57).

I got some help in the German forum (special thanks to user Priscus, who is active here as well)

There is another coin - die identical - in the collection of late James Shaffer.
His website was taken down, but accessible by Wayback Machine

Here is the coin

Roger Bland just informed me that this mixture was unknown to him, too.



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