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Augustus - P. Carisius -- is it genuine and cleaning critique ?


Ken W2:
Hello All:  Not sure whether this belongs here or in the uncleaned section.  I almost never buy a RSC with a view toward cleaning it, at all.  But I took a chance on this Augustus (and the Marc Antony Legion XXII I posted a question about in the uncleaned section) which I picked up cheaply.  I'm pleased with how this Augustus turned out, but still have some lingering doubt/question about authenticity and whether I should have cleaned it.  As you can see in the before picture below, there was an area of delamination (?) or something else on the surface in the obverse left field and legend largely obscuring the CAE and second A in CAESAR.  I very carefully removed that area with an exacto knife.  It was very easy to remove in most places, flaking away or crumbling with the slightest pressure.  However, the underside of the removed material was silverish in color, kind of dull silver leaf looking.  I then soaked and brushed gently with a nylon brush in very soapy water. The CAESAR is now fully visible and the coin otherwise fairly clean. (The difference in the overall color between before and after is mostly lighting).

19.62 mm,  3.58 grams.  I believe it to be a legit RSC I 402, RIC 4b, minted in Emerita 25-22 BC.  Note the flow lines between the M in IMP and the edge and in front of the forehead/hair.  I'd welcome the input of more experienced collectors about authenticity, what that area I removed was, and whether I should have cleaned at all.

Thanks in advance.         

Joe Sermarini:
I see no reason to doubt it. Your cleaning is an improvement. I probably would have been afraid to try it. That sort of encrustation does not always come off so nicely. Luck was on your side!

Ken W2:

Thanks Joe.  Your input is very much appreciated !  Hope you are well.


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