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Faustina silver coin ID

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Not only the metal is wrong, but the style is not at all convincing.  Fake.

Din X:
There seems to be a legend error TEMFOR FELIC instead of TEMPOR FELIC

This type exists in Silver (Denarius)  without SC, Gold (Aureus) without SC and in Bronze (Sestertius or AS) with SC.

Din X:
The only Denarius of Faustina with SC I am aware of is a renaissance fantasy medal imitating a Denarius made by Gambello.
Brunetti misattributed the Nero to Cigoi but it is from Gambello.

I was about to buy it !!!
I said am sure its not fake cuz i trust the coin owner !

thank you all .

Even the most honest can make a mistake.  And not all in whom we place trust deserve it.


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