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Byzantine Solidus Constantine IV suspicious?

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Diego G:
What do you think of this coin? Does it look suspicious?

Best regards.


Weight?  Why do you suspect it?

Diego G:
Weight is around 4.2 g and diameter around 20mm. Suspicious due to apparent excess of metal/camp field on middle/upper of left side of the observe, near "PZ" legend. but the style look correct.

Joe Sermarini:
What do you suppose could case that "apparent excess of metal" on a genuine coin? What could cause it on a fake coin?

I hope you are not screening a potential purchase. Know the coin yourself or know the seller is reputable and has the expertise to authenticate and guarantee it for you.  Buying a coin you do not know from a seller that you cannot trust is not smart, no matter what people say about the coin in an online discussion.

Diego G:

Thanks for the feedback ​Joe Sermarini.

My question is really whether this apparent excess can occur in an authentic coin of this type. Or if it could be something to give doubt. Byzantines are not my specialty, the vast majority of fake solidus I see around are easily noticeable and this one in particular, if it weren't for this part of the field, I would judge as authentic, because the details/style is good for me.



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