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15mm coin identification help

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Gianluca G:

weight 1,4 grams

diameter (considering the greatest extension) 15 mm

metal: not magnetic

Thanks for your help

You have posted three coins that look very much like they come from a common source, and none look ancient to me.

Gianluca G:
Yes, I was awarded them years ago by the [REMOVED BY ADMIN]. I think the company name is already a guarantee, I don't understand why you think they are not ancient.

Hi GG,

I agree with djm. Your 3 coins all look like counterfeits. They don't look like genuine ancient coins to me either.


You say,
--- Quote from: Gianluca G on November 15, 2021, 02:26:16 pm ---I was awarded them years ago by [REMOVED BY ADMIN]
--- End quote ---

Does that mean you won them in an auction? You bid on them and won the auction and all these years later you still have no idea what they are, in spite of the fact that there would have been detailed descriptions in the catalogue? Or did you win them as a prize in some sort of competition? Either way it makes no sense.



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