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Gianluca G:
Hello, I would like to be able to identify this coin.
weight: 0.5 grams
diameter (considering the greater width): 7.5 mm
metal: not magnetic
It is a small coin.
Thanks to the availability.

Gianluca G:
Storic user : "The specimen is beyond any doubt authentic."

Good evening, I update you:
in another forum they confirmed the authenticity of the coin and provided me with explanations.
"The first clue is given by the very strong and clear representation of the figure of Christ Pantocrator on the right (where instead the Byzantine names always place the bust / portrait of the emperor). Furthermore, the vividness of the portrait of the Redeemer contrasts with the Byzantine representations of the fullers of the VI-VII centuries who are much more standardized and less powerful.

On the reverse we find the legend XRE, where the X is a christogram which stands for CRISTVS while RE stands for REGNAT

(sometimes we find XC RG with the same meaning; or XC IMPE: for Cristus IMPERAT)

in the exergue we see XX

These clues make us lean towards an anonymous issue of the Capuan domination of Salerno, around the last quarter of the 10th century, a half-fuller classified as follows:

Cappelli "Study on the coins of the Salerno Mint" 1972, n. 39 p. 14

Travaini inve attributes it to Roberto il Guiscardo (1077-1085), identifying the last issue of the Duke of Puglia in the replied fullers.

Travaini "The coinage of Norman Italy" 1995, n. 34

and then also taken up by D'Andrea - Contreras "The Norman Coins of the Kingdom of Sicily", 2015, n. 25 (quoted as fuller) p. 71

Both Travaini and Contreras mention only fullers, while Cappelli mentions the fuller (no. 38) and the half fuller (no. 39); the specimen above is clearly a half fuller in weight and form. I would add that despite the restricted form, the image of the Christ Pantocrator is exceptional in terms of power and expressive vigor. One more example of the extraordinary engraving ability of the artists of the Italic area of ​​the secc. VIII-X which can be admired in the papal-Byzantine siliquae and in some Lombard issues of the Ravenna mint. Congratulations on the beautiful coin.

the specimen is clearly a fraz. of fuller (Cappelli describes him as 'half fuller' for which he reports an average weight of around 2 gr.).

The attribution to Guglielmo would in fact seem the most likely for the types taken by the fuller of larger dimensions (Hats n. 38 with weights between 4 and 5 gr.) And for the shape of the flan.

For the attribution to Guiscardo, on the other hand, Travaini speaks of fullers retorted from the closet of San Salvatore from where 51 specimens of the fuller type come from, which on the reverse bear the legend (X) CRE (type 25b by D'Andrea - Contreras.

The fraction of follaro in question was also described in the volume of the Bellizia: "The coins of the mint of Salerno" (Moliterno) 1992, at n. 70 p. 37.

Bellizia describes him as the fuller with similar types - described in n. 69 of the same text - but with the edges cut out, precisely to reduce the weight by actually creating a fraction. Bellizia also attributes it to Roberto il Guiscardo.

The specimen is beyond any doubt authentic."

Gianluca G:
After you read up the last answer, my personal comment: I believe that here a topic moves too quickly, and superficially, in the "fake coins" section without offering people the opportunity to think, and negatively influencing the value of a coin, just because a user expresses doubts. In the other forum we discuss, dialogue, and do not "move". I would recommend that you always wait for a larger amount of responses before moving a topic. My best regards.

Why don't you post the original listing from the source?  In another post, you say you have many similar coins from Heritage.

Virgil H:

Have you actually looked at all those references you cite to prove the coin is authentic? My point here is that I have looked at other coin communities online and absolutely none come close to what we have here at Forum with the level of expertise of some of the folks here. It is remarkable, actually, some of the people here who help less experienced folks like us every day. I am so thankful about what I learn here (and I would probably not be an active coin collector without this Forum to be honest) and I have seen that nowhere else. Could they be wrong about this coin? Sure. Are they wrong about this one? Maybe, I have no idea, this isn't my area. Will someone comment further after that last post of yours? Maybe and I hope so, but your last post shows you want answers you want to see, not necessarily answers that are accurate. I don't know. I would hang around a bit longer, in any case, and see what further conversation develops. This Forum is not like Facebook for a reason and it is why I am here every day and not on the other coin forums. I have seen lots of inaccurate posts from people who think they are experts and are not on other coin forums, almost never here and, when it does, the poster acknowledges it.

Just saying, as the kids say these days.

Take care,


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