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Dominic T:
For sale by the famous ebay seller (its name starts by L and ends by Z...). One is described as genuine, the other as a forgerie. The problem: both are from the same dies, and according to the Fake Coins Report, modern dies ( Lipanoff Studio). It's is getting worse and worse.

Ron C2:
One is clearly cast. But I would never buy a pertinax denarius from that dealer. Just never.

The top one has the incuse of the obverse, inverted 180 degrees, on the reverse.  Sign of clashed dies!

So are they purposefully making "error" types such as this??


Ron C2:
Same dealer is now listing a whackjob of rare denarii, all listed as modern forgeries. The fact they can get and sell these speaks volumes about the coins they sold before they began disclosing which ones are fakes.

Many of these fakes are very "good".


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