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Suspicious Byzantine Golds

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Bogdan O:
There's an eBay seller that I've bought a number of coins, mostly bulk, uncleaned 3rd and 4th century bronzes, over the past year and a half. He's occasionally had some 1st and 2nd century silver, and a byzantine bronze here and there. I'm far from well versed in modern fakes but I've never suspected him of selling them.

He's never had any golds. Until now, when he put up the 3 below. By themselves they look suspicious to me. A little too well centered, and I think I see some casting bubbles. But taken in the context of his past offerings it really stands out. He also 'took them down' shortly after posting them which adds to the intrigue.

In any case, looking for your thoughts on what to make of these. The weights are listed at 1.1 - 1.3g for all of them.

Joe Sermarini:
Definitely not Byzantine. These are types I do not know, but I would be a bit surprised to learn they are genuine.

The objects imitate visigothic coins
The first Reccesvind or Reccared in Toledo
Second = Pseudo Imperial
Third = Sisenand from Emerita

Forgeries of course

The workmanship is very similar to fakes emanating from eastern Europe.  I would not trust any of them.  To me, they just look wrong.

Lech Stępniewski:
Not my area of expertise but I would be really surprised if these coins were authentic.


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