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Gallienus Ant - RIC vs Cohen question

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Ron C2:
I was wondering if anyone would have insight into this RIC Va 18 Gallienus, GERMANICVS MAX V.

RIC lists this type as an obverse with a radiate and cuirassed bust to right holding spear and shield.  No varieties are listed, but five (5) different Cohen numbers are listed against RIC 18.

The primary RIC type is the spear and shield variety, but in Cohen, C308 is the primary type, which is a radiate and cuirassed bust to the right (no spear and shield). 

Elsewhere in RIC Va, it's been my experience that this large a difference in an obverse would generate a different RIC reference number, but not in this case.  Each of the cohen syb-types against RIC 18 are major varieties, like left-facing busts and differences in the obverse legend.

I don't get why this particular coin is treated so oddly in RIC when Cohen had done all the work to catalogue major variants as different coin references.  All very odd.

In any event, I think I'm stuck simply attributing this as RIC 18 var and citing Cohen 308 - what do you folks think?

The best reference on coins of Gallienus is Göbl,

Göbl, Robert, Moneta Imperii Romani, Vienna, 2000

Band 35: Die Münzprägung des Kaiser Valerianus I / Gallienus / Saloninus / (253/268), Regalianus (260) un Macrianus / Quietus (260/262). (Vienna, 2000).

There are several obverse variants listed for GERMANICVS MAX V from Colonia Agrippinensium (Cologne) mint, and your coin is MIR 872n (15 specimens known).


It´s Göbl 872l, nice coin!

The points(dot´s) in the legend and the bust variant are decisive here.

best regards


Ribbons are also  decisive : l ( first divergent) , n ( afterward parallel). So it is  872 l.

Ron C2:
Thanks folks. Guess I need to find the gobl reference. Are any ecopies readily available?


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