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I am announcing a web page of the coins of Diocletian:

Diocletian, 284-305, had a large and lasting impact on the course of the Roman empire. His coins would make a worthy sub-collection. The page discusses the events that show in the coinage.

I solicit corrections and suggestions.

Congratulations, not an emperor who has many sites or pages devoted to him, and he ought to have them!


Virgil H:
Nice site, I am just starting to get into the emperors that were part of the tetrarchy, quite an interesting period. Plus the  price and monetary  reforms of Diocletian are so important. Thanks for this.


A really extensive and exciting task. I particularly like your work on the areas, that are explained in deeper
themes. Very well described, with many great and rare examples!
Such as the mentioned "quarter follis", which Carl-Friedrich Zschucke also calls "show-quinarii" or "ejection coins".
Allegedly, these coins were personally distributed among the people by the emperor for celebrations.
It has also been assumed, that these stamps were cut by the same mint masters, who cut the aurei.
Colloquially, these were also referred to as "aurei for the folk". But in my opinion, this is not yet fully proven.

Keep it up, good work!!!

best regards


Ron C2:
I find you use of Aureliani vs antoniniani to be a little on the confusing side.  There appears to be no univerally accepted different between the two terms, some saying surface-enriched antoninanii are aureliani, others saying the XI marked coins are aurielianii while XXI marked coins are antoninianii, etc.

Personally, I just call them all antoninianii absent any evidence they were monetarily different at the time, and not knowing the ancient name used for these coins (a universal scholarly frustration).

What are your thoughts on the matter?


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