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Athens tetradrachm

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--- Quote from: Virgil H on August 11, 2021, 08:11:58 pm ---... I have decided I would rather have three or four (or many more) beautiful coins that would all be more rare than one of these for what it would cost for one owl. ...
--- End quote ---
This is everyone's personal decision. But it is really nice to have such an owl :).



Virgil H:

I totally agree. I hope to get one one day. I also want a Bactrian elephant coin (and the ones with portrait plus elephant helmet aren't too shabby, either). There are actually quite a few that I want an example of primarily because of the designs.


Marc B3:
Hi all.  I appreciate all the good info everyone gave me here.  I decided to send my coin off to David Sear for his authentication.  He said exactly what Kevn D said about the pearls.  They're just signs of die wear and nothing at all to worry about. 

Thanks again for all the help here.  This seems to be a great community with a lot of knowledgeable people.

Joe Sermarini:
Glad to hear the coin is genuine. I would have been surprised to learn otherwise.

The "pearls" are a good example the unfortunate fact that there is almost no indicator of forgery that isn't also found on some genuine coins (or something very similar in appearance). Authentication is not easy.


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